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Do Laser Printers Dry Up if Not Used?

With the help of internet innovation and electronic transactions, most companies found that the use of printing needs are quite getting lower. If your business needs cover only specific printing, a laser printer will be your best option. The program used by a laser printer to create a printed page makes it a reliable occasional-use printer.

On a laser printer, an electrostatic imaging drum that has a laser draws the document and transfers it to another medium. While the drum rotates, it passes over the toner cartridge that has carbon powder, which then adheres to the loaded areas of the imaging drum. The carbon powder is transported to a blank piece of paper as the drum turns through the paper feed path. Finally, the powder is rendered onto the paper by a very hot fusing component that lastingly sets the image to the paper before it is ejected from the printer.

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Do laser printers dry up if not used? The answer is no, a LaserJet toner cartridge will not dry up after sitting for a long time between uses. The HP toner cartridge guarantee statement specifically says that there is no termination date on the cartridges. Also, one of the foremost benefits of LaserJet printers over ink printers is their capacity to sit for several months and then print without problems.

One other point, make sure that toner cartridges are stored appropriately. Generally, that just means room temperature. Do not remove cartridges from the black plastic wrapper until ready to use them. The cartridge holds a photoconductor that is susceptible to light. This photoconductor can be broken if left disregarded below the light. When placed in the printer, it guards the cartridge.

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