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How to Negotiate a Copier Lease

We have all been there, you need a copier and you need to find the best deal fast. So, just like most people, you start getting quotes from a few vendors in your area so that you can compare their offers and you can choose the best one. 

It sounds very simple but you quickly realize that the prices depend on the size and model of the copier. So how do you choose one? Should you just go with the cheapest copier that you can find or should you try to negotiate with your copier lease with the higher bids to see if you can score a better deal?

How to Negotiate a Copier Lease

First, you need to understand that in the copier industry, there are two types of sales companies, the ethical ones and the dishonest ones. You want to do business with the first one. 

Remember that in picking the company with whom you would like to do business with, you begin your negotiating discussions as it is when you can sense which company is out to win at all costs, even if that means promising you so many great deals. 

You need to approach your negotiation in a respectful manner and you need to be upfront and honest about your intentions. If a dealer believes you are just trying to drive the price as low as possible, they will be less eager to help you get where you want to go. 

If your contract is being inflated because of add-ons, let the sales representative know that you are not interested in them, but also hear them out. Remember that they have worked with hundreds of other companies and may know of some cost saving options for you based on your situation. 

Also, understand the terms of your lease. Most service contracts can be canceled with 30 days to 60 days notice unless the lease and service are lumped into one bill together. 

Take note that most service terminations must be handwritten and must be received to become official. Copier leasing services can’t be canceled. Just like a car lease, you have to pay off the balance when it comes to copier leasing, even if you stop using it.  

Differences in your copier lease

It is easy to glance at the bottom line number and assume that the lowest price is the best for your company. Copiers can be a bit different to another copier. 

There are advantages to choosing one copier band over the other, but that should be based on the overall goals of your business. For example, you may have high volume but do not need very high quality graphic printing. If you are a print shop, being able to print quality graphics is needed. 

However, if you are just focusing on the lease or contract itself, you may be  surprised to find that the bottom line is not what you think. It can become easy to lose track of all the ideas that a copier salesperson will suggest. They are not all bad, either. 

What do you need to look for in a copier lease in Fresno? A 48-month contract or at least a 60-month contract. Check on 35 or 50 pages per minute and check if the quotes are for color or if it is black and white only. Limits on the number of service calls should be checked if it is per month or unlimited and if it is a new machine or a discontinued one. 

All of these have a major impact on your lease. The truth is that there is an issue in the copier industry and it starts with copier lease contracts, like copier leasing services in Fresno, for example.

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