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Keeping a copier takes a little thought for some, especially in business. They would either think about just renting or leasing before finally deciding to buy or purchase their copier. They have to consider some factors like what if the copier did not work as promised and suddenly malfunctioned in the middle of volume production? The time intended for the output would certainly be compromised. So, it is innovative thinking for a business owner to think a lot about whether they would just rent or lease or finally purchase a copier.


If you plan to rent a copier for your office, that would be a brilliant idea. For a project-based plan, renting a copier would mean a lot because some copiers would not perform to the best of expectations. Some copiers would only work on a maximum capacity of at least 40 pages, unlike multifunction copiers, which can print higher. Perfect for those project-based tasks. Devices with high quality are guaranteed to offer that good service that would not compromise your deadline to finish the project. So, if you are a small or mid-sized business, renting a copier is a smart way to do so.


For small businesses with no significant financial resources, leasing a copier for their office is a good idea. They avoid purchasing big copy machines because that also means higher expenses. Leasing agreements may include the cost of supplies, so it may help the business reduce the initial payouts. Some leasing copiers may establish fixed payment schedules that enable better financial resource arrangements. Leasing agreements also offer the flexibility of length and terms, which does not affect the established payment amounts in the interest rate changes.



Buying a copier for your business is vital to allow the specific copying needs to copy original documents for files, mass-produced marketing materials, and large quantities of employee documents at any time. But probably some tiny or mid-sized businesses should take some considerations regarding budget concerns. The cost of the actual copier machine should be a primary factor, looking at the toner costs and the number of copies before its replacement. You also have to consider the maintenance expenses for the repairs and problems that may occur along the way. Not only the costs but the employees you have to spend some time to train when you have to purchase another new copier in case the previous one did not function well, and you have no other choice but to replace it. 

Another consideration you have to think about is energy consumption. It is a good idea to purchase an energy-efficient copier with the ENERGY STAR level because it could save money on your utility bills and avoid environmental damage and higher energy consumption. 

Choosing a multifunction copier is the best choice you can get for sure if you are planning to purchase a copier. It could handle scanning, printing, copying, and faxing, an all-in-one unit. 


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Bigger businesses do not worry about buying, leasing, or buying a copier, unlike smaller or mid-sized business units. So, it is not a big deal to keep a copier in the business because there are factors that have to be considered first. The financial resources must be equipped for all the expenses aligned with it, the office space, and the maintenance expenses. But among the factors you have to consider, whether to rent, lease or buy a copier, one thing is for sure. The multifunction copier machine could provide you with all your printing needs.