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Which is Better to use for Printer, Toner or Ink?

When buying a printer for your office, print needs, or business, you must know what materials. Among those materials that help the printer function are cartridges. There are two types of cartridges mainly used, toner and ink.

Although both of these ink is utilized to print documents, text, and images, they are designed with unique characteristics for each printer device. This is why it is essential to know the cartridges compatible with your printers. If not, there are drawbacks; for instance, you can waste a lot of money if you have bought the wrong one.If you are in Fresno and you are looking for a Copier in Fresno for your business, you may contact Clear Choice Technical Services in Fresno. You can ask about Copier Leasing Services in FresnoCopier rental services in Fresno, and Copier Repair in Fresno.

There is a significant difference between toner and ink. In short, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Keep on reading as we compare them both and discuss which is best to go for!

What is ink?

Ink is a term used to describe a liquid substance. This ink is mainly made up of different substances such as water, coloring agents, and chemicals. Because this is already in a liquid form, inkjet printers use ink droplets to make prints for papers and documents. This process will produce high-quality images and produce accurate results.

Unlike toner, ink can be both powder and based. However, dye-based is more popular with many customers and ideal for inkjet printers. For the reason that it’s significantly less expensive than pigments, and it performs better-producing more vivid text and images and true-to-life colors.

Pros and Cons of Toners and Ink


Toner is long-lasting and has a longer lifespan than ink. They will not dry out for a long time, so you will not replace the cartridges as often. Because of this, they can print more images and documents before it runs out. Despite having a long life span, both toner and ink will degrade over time.


If you are looking for more cost-effective options, you should go for ink. Printer ink is inexpensive as you buy them at lower initial costs. However, they may spend more on ink cartridges in the future.

Toner can be more expensive per unit than ink cartridges, but you will not replace them as frequently as ink. The overall cost of the cartridge and printer you will spend is based on your requirements, needs, and what brand you will choose.


Quality is affected based on the type of cartridges you will use. If we compare toner and ink, the one that will produce a high level of precision texts and images is laser printers with toner. It has sharper and clearer outcomes as possible. 

Because of this performance and quality, they are so expensive. You may opt for photo-grade inkjet printers if you want to spend less. This type also creates prints on par with laser prints with toner. 

Efficiency and Convenience

Laser printers are devices that use toner. Toner, compared to ink, provides the ease of on-demand and high-quality printing. 

Clog Capabilities

Clog capabilities are a disadvantage that most inkjet printers have since they use ink. When ink is left unattended for a long time, the ink will get dry and can quickly become clogged. For this reason, toner is more efficient in smooth prints and functions. 

Print Speed

Toner printers have a much faster print speed than inkjet printers. They can print on a much higher volume in a minute. If you are looking for a printer that will save you money, choose a printer that uses toners. 


Your option between toner and ink will matter and coincide with many things, so there is no clear “winner.” Each of these things has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to try out these two printers to help you decide, we have many options on our website. You can contact us, and our experts can help you with what you need!